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Day in the Life - Camila Grade 12

Boarding student standing by campus lake


I'm a part of the boarding school program here at Saint Andrew's. I wake up around 7:00 am, shower, and get ready for school. Around 7:45 am, I walk over to Mariani Great Hall, where I eat breakfast. I order an omelet every morning with just egg whites and vegetables. I sit down at a table with my friends, and we eat until 8:10 am when the bell rings, and we have to get to our first-period class. 

Period B: IB English SL Year 2 

My English class is one of my favorite classes. We discuss contemporary topics that help me widen my worldview. The people in my class make it fun and exciting because everyone talks to each other. The in-class discussions enrich my knowledge and allow me to understand better the books we read and the documentaries we watch in class. 


In my advisory, we have arranged to bring snacks every Thursday to celebrate the upcoming weekend. In general, during the advisory time, we get to talk to our classmates with who we've been sharing advisories since freshman year. We go to chapel and assembly together. It is so nice to see how we become closer and closer as time goes by. 

Period D: IB Film HL 

I love the variety of classes Saint Andrew’s offers. Amazingly, they offer higher-level classes that fulfill the student's interests. As someone that plans on studying film and cinema production in college, I'm grateful my school provides classes like Film at an IB level. In the class, we analyze films from different periods. My favorite assignment so far this year was when we had the chance to choose a movie to write an extended essay. I found myself being excited about this homework assignment.

Period F: Resource Period 

During my free period, I take advantage of the writing lab and math lab that are free tutoring by the teachers. In the math lab, I ask questions I have on my homework assignments and my tests. When I don't need help with my homework assignments, I go to the library, which is my favorite place on campus. I enjoy doing my work on the library's second floor, sitting in comfy chairs with a beautiful view of the barnyard trees. 


I meet my friend Olivia at the Cohen Center for lunch since she has a class there before lunch, and we walked together to Mariani Great Hall. We try to get there before the middle of lunch starts, so we don't have to make the food line. SAGE Dining Services has the yummiest meals; we have something different every day for lunch. I honestly can't choose my favorite one, between chicken parm, teriyaki glazed salmon, and the delicious pizza that comes fresh from the oven every day. Lunch is a great time to catch up with my friends; we usually sit outside when the weather is not too hot. The team that serves the food for us is always so happy and nice; I love being able to create connections with them. 

Period H: Ethics 

After lunch, I have ethics. Ethics with Mr. Rivera is such a great class to discuss ethical scenarios that we discuss in class. I personally really enjoy class discussions, as I said before, because you get to know your classmates better and in this class especially, we can defend our points of view and learn from one another. 

After School: 

After school on Tuesdays, I have Stucco meetings which I love. I love spending time with emerging leaders who want to make big changes that will cause an impact in the Saint Andrew’s community. Stucco meetings usually go from 3:00 - 4:00 pm, and at 4 o'clock, I have swim practice, so I run from the Cohen Auditorium to the pool. I have practice forms 4:00 - 6:00 pm. I have to say, after the library, my second favorite place on campus is the pool. The sunsets that we get to see there are beautiful. Watching the sunsets while listening to coach Ramon's music on the speaker and cheering from each other on the relays is the highlight of my afternoons. 


After the long two hours of practice, I get famished, so I go to Mariani Great Hall to get food. I love going to dinner because it is a great time to catch up with other boarders. I also enjoy talking to the faculty members that live on campus during this time. 

Study Hall:

After coming back from dinner, I shower and change into comfy clothes to prepare myself for the rest of the evening. Boarding students have study hall from 8:00 - 10:00 pm; during this time, I get to complete my homework and assist in extra help sessions with teachers on the duty team that night. We have our final check-in at 10:40 pm; I make some tea and get ready for bed to get some sleep and prepare to have an amazing day!